About me and how Personal Training can Help you

My name is Ashley Lapidge and I am a personal trainer based in Atherstone, available to help you to achieve your goals from improving your overall fitness, to weight and inch loss and improving sports performance.

I am a level 4 personal trainer with 10 years experience in the fitness industry training various people of all abilities and walks of life. I have trained athletes, to people who have never exercised before and achieved fantastic results. We train at my own studio at my home in Atherstone where you can train in private to achieve your goals.

Having personal training sessions is a great investment in yourself and an investment in your health. You may have one session with me, 10 sessions or we may work together for years to come, whatever you decide, you will take away something from our sessions that just isn’t available in most gyms! You may want a few sessions just to give yourself the knowledge to take away and use in your local gym so you know you are doing the right things, remember , its an investment and therefore its what ever you decide.

For me, personal training is just that, personal. Personal and specific to you only. Invest in me and ill not only give you a focus but also motivation and the correct programme specifically tailored to you. The days of being given a general programme at the gym that every person gets and getting bored on the treadmill are gone. Call me for a free consultation and lets achieve your fitness goals!